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Boao Super Hospital, which opened on Saturday in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone in South China"s Hainan province, is ready to offer high-end medical service to the public.

The reception center of the new Boao Super Hospital in South China"s Hainan province offers a welcoming ambiance, March 25, 2018 [Photo by Ma Zhiping/]

Unlike most domestic hospitals that are run by the government, Boao Super Hospital has adopted a marketwise operation and accepts private or foreign investment, according to He Pengfei, deputy director of the administration office for the pilot zone.

He said that the government owns the sharing platform, providing essential services, including imaging diagnosis, surgery, pharmacy and sterilization for the clinics. But the operation mode will be brand new. Each clinic is allowed to set up its own company and has its own legal representative.

The hospital will provide high-end international medical service for domestic patients, and by taking the geographical advantage of Hainan and the growing influence of the Boao Forum for Asia, it also plans to build an international clinical medical innovation center for wealthy medical travelers from all over the world, He said.

Hospital projects are under construction at the Boao pilot zone in South China"s Hainan province, March 25, 2018. [Photo by Ma Zhiping/]

It will be a sharing platform for clinical centers supported by the latest state-of-the art equipment and served by leading doctors from all over the country, said Sheng Guoping, the hospital"s deputy director.

Boao Lecheng pilot zone is a demonstration project for the nation’s healthcare reform. It enjoys nine special preferential policies, such as special permission for importing medical technology, medical equipment and medicine, under which foreign companies will be able to set up medical organizations and foreign medications can enjoy a special import tariff.

The pilot zone, six kilometers from the site of the Boao Forum for Asia, covers an area of 20 square kilometers and is expected to be completed in five years. To date, 27 projects have been completed or are under construction.

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