Premier: China, Canada should safegrubber bracelets ukuard rules-based order, free trade

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China is ready to work with Canada to safeguard rules-based international order and free trade, promote trade liberalization and investment facilitation, Premier Li Keqiang told his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau on Wednesday in Singapore.

Premier Li also told Trudeau that China is willing to continue negotiations to reach a free trade agreement between the two countries based on mutual respect and pragmatism.

The two leaders were at the third China-Canada Prime Ministers" Regular Meeting, which was held at the interval of meetings on East Asian cooperation in the city-state.

Li said he noticed Canada has clarified that the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement will not affect its autonomy reaching free trade agreements with other countries.

Trudeau said Canada is willing to work with China in moving forward negotiations on a free trade pact and will not be affected by the stances of other countries.

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