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A member of the University of International Business and Economics" summer social practice group shows people how to solve lantern puzzles in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. [YUAN YIYU/FOR CHINA DAILY]

More college students find it a rich and rewarding experience to help people in developing countries during their vacations

Zhao Yuti was regretful that he didn"t spend more time in Cambodia during the past summer vacation to establish a better connection with the children he met.

The 21-year-old junior student from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing went to Siem Reap on Aug 19 to teach English voluntarily for one week in a school.

The experience was an unforgettable one for Zhao as he immersed himself in a new country.

What touched Zhao most was the children"s thirst for knowledge of the outside world as well as their curiosity.

"I felt I was needed and would like to let them know more," he said.

The summer vacations provide opportunities for Chinese college students to travel or do internships. Volunteer work has become more popular among students, especially in low-income countries.

Zhao enjoyed his time there and the chance to meet new friends and experience a different culture.

One young girl, who had an angelic smile, stayed in his memory. He called her "the temple girl", and every day when she came to class, Zhao said that he was won over by her beautiful smile.

"My heart melted and I felt happy seeing her smile," he said.

Duan Yichen has the same feeling. The 20-year-old sophomore student, also from the University of International Business and Economics with a major in translation, completed a two-week voluntary stint in Galle, Sri Lanka in August.

Duan was touched by the sincerity and friendliness of the Sri Lankans. The Shandong-born student said she was used to living in big cities that can be impersonal. "But when I arrived at Galle, I was totally myself and managed to strike up conversations very easily."

Duan loved to talk with children but some were shy, at least initially. "I tried to play games with a three-year-old Sri Lankan girl, but she was very shy," she said. However, after two days the young girl was joining in the games and expressing herself.

"Even if what we do is small, I still hope our efforts help the children," she said.

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